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John O’Brien, Leaving Las Vegas, Alcohol and Death

Back in the late 1980s I was managing editor of Watermark Press, a small literary publishing company located upstairs from Watermark Books, an independent bookstore in Wichita.  We had great dreams of creating the kind of publishing experience City Lights created in San Francisco, only…

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Notes on The Swarming Stage

When I was a kid growing up in a tiny ranching and citrus community in southern California, I loved science fiction movies.  I didn’t read sci-fi, but I went to all the Big Bug Movies like “Them” and I loved the outer space adventures that…

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During the early and mid-1980’s I was an attorney in private practice.  Little by little I gravitated towards criminal law, which seemed to offer more glamorous and action-packed opportunities than the old grind-it-out prospects of business law, divorce or, worse yet, real estate.  My clients…

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The genesis of Mitch Roberts

Here’s a short piece of video which aired on a local news station many years ago. It describes the genesis of Mitch Roberts with some panache, I think. KWCH Gaylord Dold – On the Trail of Mitch Roberts 1987 from Mike Carroll on Vimeo. […

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Mitch Roberts, Robert Mitchum and Me

In the beginning is the struggle to find a title for your book and to name the characters.  It is said that Raymond Chandler chose the surname Marlow for his famous private detective after the Renaissance playwright and spy who was a contemporary of Shakespeare….

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