9781938582455_1200px_300dpiI am pleased to announce that two new Jack Kilgore novels are now available as e-books exclusively on Kindle Select.  After finishing five major crime novels between the years 1995-2006, I took a break from full-time writing to travel and develop ideas for a new character.  I spent a lot of time in Florida during the 1980’s and so the idea of using the Florida Keys as a “location” was appealing.  I loved the fishing and the sunsets and the town of Key West, even if it was touristy and over-developed.  The figure of Jack Kilgore came to me, a disillusioned Afghanistan war vet who first tried his hand in Miami, then came south to hang on to the edge of the continent.  He’s an appealing character to me, skilled yet wary, hard but vulnerable, and intelligent to a fault.  I held on to Jack, and I think he works.  The novel “The Nickel Jolt” is actually two crime stories in one book—something I’ve wanted to try for a long time.  The second is a bitter love story,  divided into three parts, with twenty-five short chapters in each part  This format is also something I wanted to try as an exercise in writing.  I think it came together perfectly. It is called “Same Old Sun, Same Old Moon.”  My thanks to Jim Story of Newport Beach for a great job on design, layout and uploads.  He’s a great person to work with.