I am pleased and happy that The Moon When Water Freezes is now available to young readers as an e-book.  I think the novel could appeal to readers of all ages, however.  Many of the people and events relate to people and events that I’ve known in my traveling life.  For many years I fished for trout in Wyoming’s mountains, living for weeks in campsites and driving around the Wind River Mountains.  Later, as a mentor in an inner city Middle School I came to know fairly well a young Shoshone from the Wind River Reservation and we had many talks about his life.  Also, I’ve had the occasion to meet and mentor many adolescents, both male and female, as they struggled with bad homes, drunken parents, and drug scenes.  I had my own problems as a kid too.  With that said, The Moon When Water Freezes is a product of my whole life, my love of the American West, my fondness for Plains Indian Culture, the many, many days spent outdoors in the mountains.  My love of horses is included as well.  The book presents life and its simple virtues.  There is no other reality, virtual games, technology, fantasies, ghosts, vampires or other spiritual beings like fairies and gnomes.  The book is about the natural world, family and animals.  The book is available from Amazon on KindleSelect.