Donald Trump and his minions and lackeys on the alt-right have had a busy week inventing stuff that serves their interests in provoking fear, reactionary xenophobia and racism.

“Crime is out of control,” a common theme for Trump is a total fabrication. Crime is at historic lows. Crime in general has been going down from relative highs in the early 90’s.

“We’re deporting people in droves,” just out from the White House. Not quite true. Deportations were actually higher under Obama. However, the call for a “military operation” against aliens comes through loud and clear.

“The News Media is an enemy of the people.” A phrase worthy of Stalin, designed to abolish the truth once and for all, as well as render any political accountability beside the point. And of course, such shibboleths certainly punish the First Amendment and contribute to an air of authoritarian infallibility . Basically, who’s next as an Enemy of the People

“Just look at what happened in Sweden last night! Sweden!” Apparently Donald caught a bit of Fox News and transcribed a sound bite into a world historical terrorist moment. He thought he was delivering a tweet, perhaps.

“Aliens are drug dealers, rapists and murders,” he shouts into the megaphone. This isn’t even remotely true, but effective as a hate-mongering bit of fascist theater.

“I won in a landslide.” Well, not really. I suppose if you think Donald really believes that four million illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton that might be true. But electionOfficials consistently say it isn’t true. And, Donald doesn’t even know the history of Electoral College voting. His Electoral College victory was historically quite narrow. And, taken state by state, narrow as hell. He’s in truth a minority president.

Down here in the trenches, we the people have to hold on to straight talk, factual information, our love for a free press, and our willingness to organize, speak out,and resist. Resistance isn’t that easy. But getting out into the streets, supporting your local and regional democratic institutions (newspapers, unions, clubs, political parties and independent radio and TV stations etc.) is a good start. Also, registering people to vote and electing progressive public officials dedicated to fair elections is also important.

One new book, DIRECT ACTION, by L.A. Kaufmann (Verso Press) is just out. Give it a look.