I am very pleased to announce that my crime novel Schedule Two is now available across a wide array of e-book platforms including Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Google, Apple and others. Consult Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords to upload one of my favorite books. Many thanks to Jim Story out in Newport Beach for his wonderful work helping with this book which was originally published in 1996.  Schedule Two received a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly when it came out and a rave from Marilyn Stasio in the New York Times Book Review. It was chosen the best crime novel of 1996 by noted journalist Vince Kohler of the Portland Oregonian andreceived many rave reviews in newspapers across the country.

Schedule Two (referring to the Federal list of prohibited narcotics) is a gritty, hard-nosed story about Grace Wu (undercover San Francisco narcotics cop) and her efforts to break a ring of Korean dealers based in Oakland, California. I lived in the Bay Area for a long time and this is my take on north Oakland and San Francisco. It is also the book that for the first time I found myself writing in my own voice. For a writer, this is a memorable experience.