Book 7 -a_penny_for_old_guyThe Mitch Roberts series—featuring private detective Mitch Roberts of course, ran through ten volumes stretching from the early 1980’s through 2004, with the final entry, Samedi’s Knapsack.

The Roberts series was originally set in Wichita, Kansas.  Later titles saw Roberts adventuring in London, Amsterdam, Reno, and Miami, including forays into Haiti.

In the World Beat, Roberts even traveled to the Congo, and up the Congo River to the heart of darkness.

The series was widely praised and enjoyed by many.  Now, the series reappears, newly edited, with slick new covers and an updated author biography.  Shop now on this website, or go to Amazon, Nook, Apple or Google.


Welcome back, Mitch!  I’m delighted that these ten titles are available across a wide array of platforms for lovers of private detective fiction, crime thrillers, and suspense novels.


Samedi's KnapsackBook 6 - disheveled_city