Same Old Sun, Same Old Moon

Elaine Jorgenson is a wealthy Key West real estate developer whose second husband is gambler Kevin Terminadi. When Jorgenson wants to bring a gambling casino to a popular Key West beach front property, citizens unite against it. Jack Kilgore is hired by Lester Dodge (Jorgenson’s attorney) to protect the mansion where Jorgenson lives after she receives ambiguous death threats. One night, while on surveillance, Kilgore surprises and intruder on the mansion’s grounds, but can’t catch him in the dark. The next day, a car bomb kills Elaine Jorgenson and Kilgore feels naturally guilty and determines to catch the killer. A single clue leads Kilgore first to Las Vegas, where he meets Moe Koffer, a sleazy private detective with connections to gambling and boxing interests. While gambling at a Kevin Terminadi casino in the desert, Kilgore meets the mysterious Catherine, a woman with a deep and secret past that is hinted at by a scar on her face. Kilgore falls in love with Catherine, who is both a clue and a dangerous connection to the car bombing in Key West. Working together against shadowy underworld figures, Catherine and Kilgore get justice.

I think there is only one story in the world, one narrative that goes by a billion names. In this story we are alone on a long and difficult journey, and we are strangers wherever we go.

I’ve done a lot of gambling in Las Vegas and Reno, most of it at the craps and blackjack tables early in the morning when most tourists are asleep in their hotel rooms. This story plays with themes I’ve thought about most of my adult life–love, risk and loss.