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The Swarming Stage – Free Sample Chapter One

Introduction THE TIME is A.D. 2092. THE PLACE used to be Los Angeles, now called THE BASIN AUTHORITY ZONE. Water scarcity, social breakdown and climate changed have made southern California into a disorganized desert area with porous borders, a swirling mix of invaders from south…

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Same Old Sun, Same Old Moon – Free Sample Chapter One

Introduction Elaine Jorgenson is a wealthy Key West real estate developer who second husband is gambler Kevin Terminadi.  When Jorgenson wants to bring a gambling casino to a popular Key West beach front property, citizen united against it.  Jack Kilgore is hired by Lester Dodge…

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The Nickle Jolt – Free Sample Chapter One

Introduction Having done three tours in Afghanistan, Marine Captain Jack Kilgore (Stanford Law) is burned out.  After moving to Miami and working for a genetics tech lab, he gives the glamorous world of corporate security up for a quiet job as night watchman at a…

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